And the Survey Says…

A few month’s ago, the Foundation’s Executive Director, Dan Santangelo, Ed.D, launched a study with the intention of answering the question, “What are the specific qualities and characteristics that make up high performing credit union leadership?”

Of course, most of us have ideas about what makes a good credit union leader. However, research that provides answers to the question based on evidence had never been conducted. Thus, the Successful CEO Leadership Profile research project was born.

The objective was to add a deeper layer of understanding about leadership to the training content of the Foundation’s leadership development programs as well as provide a valuable skills and characteristics profile to assist CEO’s, board members and recruiters when seeking out new leaders.

The results from the study are in, and we are working on transitioning those results into a comprehensive profile of high performing credit union leaders that includes, among other things:

  • The most common behaviors among high performing credit union CEOs
  • The most common growth strategies that high performing credit union CEOs intentionally foster
  • Important skills, beliefs, values and behaviors that should be taught to future credit union CEOs
  • The most valuable skills that credit union boards should look for when seek a new CEO
  • The most common successes among high performing credit union CEOs

The complete study results will be presented at our Volunteer Conference in October and will also be available following the conference through the Foundation Website. Key findings will be directly incorporated into the Credit Union Leadership Institute and the Executive Leadership Program.

In addition, all Association credit unions will have access to the first ever Successful CEO Leadership Profile Guide that translates important discoveries and key findings from the research into concrete traits, behaviors and attitudes common in high-performing credit union leaders. Our goal is to create an invaluable resource for credit union boards to use as they seek out new leadership.

We are excited to unveil this cutting-edge research and publish more substantive information about the characteristics of high-performance credit union leaders – information which we are sure will prove valuable to all of us.

About Dan Finerty

Dan Finerty is the Director of Marketing at the Mountain West Credit Union Association, a Credit Union champion, a Credit Union Development Educator (CUDE), and an award-winning marketer. Dan has over 14 years of marketing experience in communications, retail, packaged goods, and, of course, Credit Unions. He believes that Credit Unions have an incredible story to tell and works with some of the brightest Credit Union professionals to help promote Credit Unions to the public. Dan holds two Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing and in Management. He is also a swell guy.

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