What is The Credit Union Leadership Institute?

The Credit Union Leadership Institute

“Credit Union Leadership Institute coaches and trainers have a wealth of knowledge and are willing share it for your benefit!  They are highly intelligent and care about your success, being fully invested with each individual and valuing the process of discovery for all the attendees in a highly motivating way!  The staff is devoted to assuring the best opportunity for networking and interaction, which makes this like no other training I have attended. My experience was captivating and yours can be too!”

– Steffany Arellano, Trona Valley Federal Credit Union

The Mountain West Credit Union Foundation’s Executive Leadership Program was created for the future leaders of the Credit Union Movement. The program is a complete five-year curriculum built to develop leaders specifically for the credit union industry. The program is organized into four areas, or Quadrants.  Today we’ll look at the first of those Quadrants – The Credit Union Leadership Institute.

Quadrant 1: General leadership skill development at The Credit Union Leadership Institute

This first phase of the leadership development program exposes future credit union leaders to the concepts and principles of both general and organizational leadership. Participants dive into real life case studies and are charged to work with their peers to come up with practical solutions. This equips them with the knowledge, experience and confidence to step into roles of greater responsibility and facilitates deep relationships that enhance and strengthen the credit union community.

“The Leadership Institute sessions identify, define, and resolve the areas of leadership opportunity that Credit Union employees are facing on a daily basis.  The best part of the course is that it does not have a cookie cutter approach, but instead allows the participants to determine the flow and speed in which the material is presented.  The structure of each session fosters networking and team building skills that are essential for future development.  The sessions are well defined and geared towards developing skills that will produce the future leaders of the Credit Union movement.”

– Rob Montoya, Credit Union Advantage

Training takes place in four, two-day workshops spread over an eight-month period. Instruction is performance-based and includes well-focused, guided practices that encourage plenty of interactive participation and discussions. Participants also receive private one-on-one mentoring/ coaching sessions that further sharpen the skills they are working to develop.

A few of the main topics participants explore are:

  • Developing and implementing organizational values
  • The role of emotions and leadership
  • Time management skills
  • Explaining the “why” or purpose associated with work-related tasks
  •  Understanding team development and team management
  • Assuming responsibility for problems and issues and understanding how leaders engage others to solve problems and resolve issues
  • Helping others achieve their goals
  • Coaching and mentoring employees
  • Training their future potential replacement
  • Setting high expectations
  • Enabling others to assume leadership roles
  • Minimized micro-management tactics
  • Sharing information
  • Workplace prioritization
  • Giving, receiving, and using feedback
  • Using adaptive leadership styles to fit the person and the situation

Upon graduation from The Leadership Institute, participants are better able to guide employees in superior service, anticipate member needs, foster internal relationships, enhance the credit union culture, and strengthen their credit union’s presence to become a premier financial institution.

“If you ever have the chance to participate in DE training or The Leadership Institute, I would strongly encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities. These programs will give you a better understanding of what the industry is all about and the valuable role it plays. You will really learn, in a concrete way, how we can all work together to better serve our members and expand Credit Union philosophy within our communities. Participation has left me fired-up and reinvigorated!”

Adrianne Rexius, Chief Human Resources Officer for Landings Credit Union

If you or someone you know is ready to move their career to the next level, we encourage you to find out more about the Executive Leadership Program and how you can apply at mwcua.com/felp.


About Dan Finerty

Dan Finerty is the Director of Marketing at the Mountain West Credit Union Association, a Credit Union champion, a Credit Union Development Educator (CUDE), and an award-winning marketer. Dan has over 14 years of marketing experience in communications, retail, packaged goods, and, of course, Credit Unions. He believes that Credit Unions have an incredible story to tell and works with some of the brightest Credit Union professionals to help promote Credit Unions to the public. Dan holds two Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing and in Management. He is also a swell guy.


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